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Zhejiang Lixin Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Zhejiang Lixin Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lixin Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a KWH meter manufacturer in China. We have been dedicated to manufacturing "Hiking" brand energy meters since 1998. Our KWh meters include single phase KWH meters, three phase KWH meter, prepaid KWH meter, multi-rate meter, DIN-rail KWH meter, and timer switch.

Over ten years of experience in manufacturing KWH meter enables us to provide high-quality watt-hour meters at a low cost to our customers. From material selection to precision finishing, we closely monitor every production detail. We have incorporated the best welding technology and high-precision molds, so that the energy meters we produce are also ISO9001, CE certified and IEC approved.

Lixin has developed its own mold manufacturing shop. With our experienced production line and professional staff, we are able to manufacture energy meters very efficiently. In addition, we are close to many industrial cities, making it easy to acquire our materials at a reduced cost. Our convenient location allows us to produce KWH meters at lower prices. With reliable performance and lower prices, our KWH meters have gained world-wide popularity, in countries such as: South Africa, Greece, Netherlands, Malaysia, Philippines, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Mexico.

As a professional KWH meter manufacturer, we offer not only high quality products but also complete customer service. Our electricity meters come with an 18-month warranty, covering free replacement and maintenance. In addition, we supply wearing-parts replacements, upon request.

Lixin is located in Yueqing city, Zhejiang province. This location is near many modes of transport—land, sea, and air. Therefore, we have low shipping costs for all of our KWH meters. At Lixin, we look forward to a chance to work with you. We welcome you to contact us.

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