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Socket Type KWH Meter (Energy Monitor)

DDS238-S Socket Type KWH Meter (Energy Monitor)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

DDS238-S Socket Type KWH Meter (Energy Monitor)

DDS238-S socket type KWH meter, or energy monitor, comes with SOC technology (only one chip carries out ADC, MCU and LCD driver functions). It displays Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA, and time and could be used for inspecting power quality, monitoring cumulative KWH, and more.
Lixin is a China KWH meter manufacturer and supplier located in Yueqing city of Zhejiang province. We offer you KWH meters of different kinds that include DIN-rail KWH meter, single phase KWH meter, three phase KWH meter, multi-rate KWH meter and more. As an experienced KWH meter since 1998, we ensure that we can offer you high quality meters at lower prices!

DDS238-S socket type KWH meter is used for active power measurement.

LCD Display.
Number of digit: 8
Volts Accuracy: 1%
Amps Accuracy: 1%
Active power VA Accuracy: 1%
Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour
Function Key: KWH zero clearing.