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Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter
(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)

DT(S)SY238 Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)

DT(S)SY238 Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter
(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)

Brief Introduction
The DT(S)SY238 three-phase prepaid KWH meter is a new type of IC card pre-paid meter, which carries out functions like power metering, load control and customer information management. It is an ideal product for reforming electric-use system, commercializing electricity, setting charge and adjusting load stage in the electric network. This prepaid meter is made according to the specifications stipulated for three phase electronic prepaid KWH meter in GB/T17215-2002 Class1 and 2 and GB/T 18460-2001. It can be directly wired or be wired with a current transformer.
As a prepaid watt hour meter manufacturer and supplier, we have obtained ISO and CE certificates and our products have been widely accepted in different countries like South Africa, Greece, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina, Ecuador and many more. We have the ability to satisfy your demands for different kinds of prepaid watt hour meter, multi-rate watt hour meter, single phase meter, three phase meter, and so on. Welcome to visit our website and please do not hesitate to contact us if need any of our products.

Function and Features
1. Active three-phase electric power metering, needless for calibration after long term operation.
2. Our three-phase power supply can assure accurate metering if one line (any line of the three-phase and three line) or two lines (any two line of the three-phase and four line) are cut off.
3. Voltage and phase loss indication function
4. Each user (meter) matches a card, which is well protected from forgery
5. Our prepaid meter can automatically cut off the power supply once it is overcharged.
6. Once the remaining power is low, our single phase prepaid meter is able to glow so as to remind the user of timely purchasing.
7. Automatic power cut-off when it is overloaded.
8. Date-copying function, which helps to reach easier management.
9. Load switch
10. Standard short terminal cover. Extended terminal cover is also available as required for higher safety standards.

Technical Data

Rated Current (A) 1.5(10),5(20),10(40),15(60),20(80),30(100)
Rated Voltage(V) DSSY238 Two-phase three-wire 3×100V 3×220V 3×380V or 3×400V DTSY238 Three-phase four-wire 3×220/380V 3×230/400V 3×240/415V or 3×57.5/100V
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60
Accuracy Class Class 1

Noting A: 3×1.5(6)A(5A/CT) can be connected directly or through a current transformer.
Noting B: two phase three wire watt hour meter is also known as three wire watt hour meter in some countries.


Outer and mount dimension
DTSY238 Direct Connection
DTSY238 Thansformer Connection

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