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Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter
(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)

DT(S)SY238 Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)


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This electric energy meter is used for measuring three phase three wire or four wire AC active energy, perfect for three phase electric devices and small or medium-sized enterprises and institutions, commercial and residential users who are charged by flat rate tariff. IC card is available for prepayment management.

1. Active energy is measured one-directionally and reverse electricity will be measured and counted into forward electricity.
2. Every meter has an independent and encrypted infrared prepayment device which guarantees security and reliability.
3. Encrypted prepayment function. Pay in advance of your energy consumption.
4. Trip alert and electricity prepayment.
5. Power overload trip alert.
6. Energy usage on credit available
7. Measurement for phase loss. The metering precision will not be influenced if any one phase or two phases of three phase four wire meter cut off.
8. Matched English prepayment software featuring simple operations

Technical Data

Rate voltage 3x220/380 , 3X230/240, 3X240/415V
Working voltage range 0.8~1.2Un
Rate Current 1.5(6)A,10(40)A,15(60)A,10(100)A, or special required
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Connection mode CT type or Direct type
Display LCD
Accuracy class 1.0
Power consumption < 2W/10VA
Start current 0.004Ib
AC voltage withstand 4000V/25mA for 60 sec
Impulse Voltage 6kV 1.2μs waveform
IP grade IP51
Constant 800~6400 imp/kWh
Pulse output Passive pulse, pulse width is 80+5 ms
Executive standard IEC61036,IEC62053-21,IEC62052-11
Work temperature -30℃~70℃
Outline dimension LXMXH 228x144x72mm
Weight Approx 1.3kg

Wire connection
Mutual Inductance Type

Direct Connected

Pulse Terminal

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