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DDSY238 Single Phase Prepaid Watt-hour Meter
(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid KWH Meter, Prepaid Energy Meter)

DDSY238 Single Phase Prepaid Watt-hour Meter (Prepayment Meter, Prepaid KWH Meter, Prepaid Energy Meter)

DDSY238 Three Phase Prepaid KWH Meter
(Prepayment Meter, Prepaid Watt-hour Meter, Prepaid Energy Meters)

Brief Introduction
The DDSY238 single phase prepaid watt-hour meter, a new type of IC card prepaid meter, is developed on the basis of single-phase electronic watt-hour meter. It has functions like power metering, load control and customer information management. Completely in conformity with the standards listed in GB/T 17215-2002 class 1 and 2 static A.C active watt-hour meter and GB/T18460, it is an ideal tool for commercializing electricity, setting charge and adjusting load stage in the electrical network.
We have been specializing in manufacturing single phase prepaid meter since 1998. During these 11 years, our products are ISO and CE certified successively. They are exported to many countries and have earned a good reputation in Argentina, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, etc. Our major products include: single phase meter, three phase meter, prepaid meter, multi-rate meter, DIN-rail meter, timer switch and more. Thank you for visiting our website!

Function and Features
1. Active single-phase electric power metering, no need to adjust after long-term working.
2. Each user (meter) matches a card, which is well protected from forgery.
3. Once the remaining power is low, our single phase prepaid meter is able to glow so as to remind the user of timely purchasing.
4. Our prepaid meter can automatically cut off the power supply once it is overcharged.
5. It can be used to prevent power theft and record the information automatically.
6. Automatic power cut-off when it is overloaded.
7. Date-copying function, enabling easier management.
8. Long service time
9. Standard LED digital display. LCD digital display is also available as option.
10. Standard short terminal cover. Extended terminal cover is also available as required for higher safety standards.

Technical Data

Rated Current (A) 2.5(10),5(20),5(30),10(40),10(60),15(60),20(80),30(100)
Rated Voltage(V) 120、220、230、240(V)
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60
Accuracy Class Class 1


Outer and mount dimension
Wire connection

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