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We welcome dealers from all over the world to join us

Zhejiang HiKing is a technological enterprise focused on the R&D and production of highly accurate electric energy metering devices. Following 20 years of development, HiKing has established and grown two brands: and . Our sales network spans the entire world and our products have found wide application throughout Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, South Africa, Western Europe, etc.

Hiking has over 100 dedicated employees including our R&D team made up of experts in electric energy metering technology. We have established an industry-university research center cooperative program with several colleges and university in China. We have also invested heavily into the development of new technologies to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry. Hiking operates an advanced SMT production line and metering and testing equipment sets to guarantee product quality and the accuracy of our electric energy meters.

Our main products include electricity meters, watt-hour meters, KMH meters, energy meters, DIN-rail meters, timer switches, single phase meters, three phase meters, prepaid meters, multi-rate meters, etc. We have been certified according to ISO9001, CMS, GMC, and CE national standards regarding electric energy meters and IEC products.

Hiking recruits dealers from all over the world. We offer the following advantages for cooperators:
1. Diversified product lines
2. Customized appearance and patented design which can prevent malicious plagiarism and low price competition;
3. Unique functional design which covers both market requirements and customized additional functions;
4. The product can meet the custom requirements of our customers;
5. Hiking will regularly launch new products every year to ensure developing capability and benefits of our customers.
6. We insist upon honesty and area protection to maximize the benefits of our dealers.
7. Hiking can provide the customization of products featuring special voltage and connection methods used all over the world.
8. We adopt professional quality and production management methods. We have advanced production, metering and testing equipment sets and our own EMC testing lab to ensure superior products are delivered for our customers.
9. With the development of intelligent Internet of Things technology, Hiking will continue to launch intelligent WIFI/NB-IOT/LORAWAN electric energy meters.

Tel.: +86-577-62750366