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Prepaid Energy Meter

    1. DDSY238 Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter 1. Active single-phase electric power metering, no need to adjust after long-term working.
      2. Each user (meter) matches a card, which is well protected from forgery.
      3. Once the remaining power is low, our single phase prepaid meter is able ...
    1. DT(S)SY238 Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter The DT(S)SY238 three-phase prepaid watt-hour meter is a new type of IC card pre-paid meter, which carries out functions like power metering, load control and customer information management. It is an ideal product for reforming electric-use system, commercializing electricity, setting charge ...

Prepayment Energy Meter

Prepayment energy meter, or prepaid energy meter, IC card energy meter, is a kind of energy meter which is used to measure and control the power consumption in an electrical network. It has regular measuring functions as other energy meters. Its feature is that the user of prepaid meter has to prepay the money before using the power. As a new type of energy meter, it is widely used in domestic and industrial applications for adjusting the power load, commercializing electricity and easy charging of the electricity bill.