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Single Phase Smart Din Rail Type Energy Meter
(Single Phase Smart Din Rail Type Watt-hour Meter, Single Phase Smart Din Rail Type KWH Mete)

DDS238-4 ZN
DDS238-4 ZN Single Phase Smart Din Rail Type Energy Meter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This DDS238-4 ZN smart din rail type energy meter has only 4 module of 75mm width. It is able to measure active energy, real current, real voltage, real power, power factor as well as different tariffs at different times of the day in AC power grid. Our product uses single phase two wire system, similar to a circuit breaker. Moreover, equipped with the infrared port, it comes with a battery in it for supporting radiotelephone communication.

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 220V ± 10%
2. Basic Current: 5A
3. Max. Current: 60A
4. Starting Current: 20mA
5. Impulse Output: 1600imp/kWh
6. LCD display: 6+2 (two decimal)
7. Wire Connection: LN (4 terminal connections)
8: Baud Rate: 4800bps
9. Meter Accuracy: ±1%
10. RS485 Communication Port: Support
11. Infrared Port: Support
12. Communication Protocol: DL/T645-2007

Our company also supplies energy meters with other voltages, other current, or 60Hz frequency. Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact our company.

Display Serial Display Information Display Format
01 Meter Number (Low 8 digit) 00000001 2012
02 Meter Number (High 4 digit)
03 Real Date 12.09.13
04 Real Time 16: 58: 58
05 Real Voltage (V) 000.0
06 Real Current (A) 0.000
07 Real Power (kw) 00.0000
08 Real Power Factor (Cos) 0.000
09 Real Frequency 00.00
10 Total Active Energy 000000.00
11 TARIFF 1 Active Energy 000000.00
12 TARIFF 2 Active Energy 000000.00
13 TARIFF 3 Active Energy 000000.00
14 TARIFF 4 Active Energy 000000.00

Wiring Diagram

Outline and Mounting Dimension

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