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Single Phase Din Rail Type Energy Meter
(Single Phase Din Rail Type Watt-hour Meter, Single Phase Din Rail Type KWH Meter)

DDS238-4 RS485
DDS238-4 RS485 Single Phase Din Rail Type Energy Meter

Our DDS238-4 RS485 type Din rail type is ideal for measuring active energy consumption of AC power grid. It can operate on single phase two wire system. It has 4 module with 75mm width, similar to a circuit breaker.

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 220V ± 10%
2. Basic Current: 10A
3. Max. Current: 40A
4. Starting Current: 40mA
5. Impulse Output: 1600imp/kWh
6. LCD display: 6+1 (one decimal)
7. Wire Connection: LN (4 terminal connections)
8. Baud Rate: 1200bps
9. Meter Accuracy: ± 1%
10. RS485 Communication Port: Support
11. Communication Protocol: DT/T645-1997

We can offer energy meters with other voltages, other current or 60Hz frequency for our clients, so please don't hesitate to contact us. Our products will best suit your needs.

Data Format
Serial Identify Code Data Format Data Length(Byte) Unit Function Name of Data Item
Read Write
1 C032 XXXXXXXXXXXX 6 * * Revise meter address
2 C119 XXXXXX..XX 4 kWh * Set the starting value of meter
3 9010 XXXXXX..XX 4 kWh * Read the current value of meter
4 C030 XXXXXXXXXXXX 3 * Read the meter impulse constant

Wiring Diagram

Outline and Mounting Dimension

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