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Single Phase Din Rail Type Energy Meter
(Single Phase Din Rail Type Watt-hour Meter, Single Phase Din Rail Type KWH Meter )

DDS238-4 (B)
DDS238-4 (B) Single Phase Din Rail Type Energy Meter

Our DDS238-4 (B) Din rail type energy meter is used on a single phase two wire system. It is ideally suitable for measuring active energy consumption of AC power grid. It is only 4 module width and is similar to a circuit breaker. In addition, our product offers the meter accuracy of ± 1%.

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 230V ± 10%
2. Basic Current: 10A
3. Max. Current: 40A
4. Starting Current: 40mA
5. Impulse Output: 1600imp/kWh
6. Analogue display: 5+1 (one decimal) or LCD display: 6+1 (one decimal)
7. Wire Connection: LN (4 terminal connections)
8. Width: 75mm (4 module)
9. Meter Accuracy: ± 1%

This energy meter is also available with different voltages, different currents, or 60Hz frequency, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wiring Diagram

Outline and Mounting Dimension

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