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Infrared Type Prepayment Single Phase Electricity Meter
(Infrared Type Prepayment Single Phase Watt-hour Meter, Infrared Type Prepayment Single Phase KWH Meter, Infrared Type Prepayment Single Phase Energy Meter)

DDSY238-4 Infrared Type Prepayment Single Phase Electricity Meter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

DDSY238-4 infrared type prepayment single phase electricity meter is installed at the Din rail. It can be used for measuring the active energy of single phase two wire AC power grid. It is an ideal product for reforming the electric-use system, commercializing electrical energy, setting the charge, as well as adjusting the load in the power grid. In addition, the dimension is only 4 modules width, similar as circuit breaker.

1. Using an infrared controller, the quantitative value on the energy meter can be read.
2. Once the remaining amount of your electricity is approaching the warning line, the digital tube will be lit up to remind users of timely purchasing.
3. Once your electricity is used up, the supply of electricity will be cut-off automatically.
4. It can prevent the theft of electricity, offering the function of automatic information recording.
5. Our product comes with automatically overload cut-out for safety and security.
6. The electricity department can manage the consumption of electricity with ease due to the function of date copy.
7. The electricity control system provides the function of electricity selling and usage control.

Technical Specification
1. Voltage: 220V ±10%
2. Basic Current: 5A
3. Max. Current: 60A (Customizable)
4. Starting Current: 20mA
5. Impulse Output: 1600imp/kWh
6. LCD display: 6+1 (one decimal)
7. Wire Connection is LN (4 terminal connection)
8. Width: 75mm (4 module)
9. Meter Accuracy: ±1%
10. RS485 Communication Port: Support
11. Infrared Port: Support

Other voltages as well as other currents are available. Energy meters with 60Hz frequency are also offered by our company.

Wiring Diagram

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