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Single Phase Watt-hour Meter
(Single Phase Electricity Meter, Single Phase KWH Meter, Single Phase Energy Meter, Single Phase DIN-rail Meter)

DDS238-2 SW
DDS238-2 SW Single Phase Watt-hour Meter

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The DDS238-2 SW single phase watt-hour meter is designed to measure single phase two-wire AC active energy and variable parameter. All of its functions meet the technical requirement for class 1 single phase watt hour meter by the standard of IEC61036. The durable meter is high in stability and overload capability, low in power loss and small in volume.

Basic Function
1. The single phase watt-hour meter can measure bi-directional total active energy, as well as the reverse active energy in the total active energy.
2. Its LCD display is available with backlighting.
3. The meter displays realtime voltage, current, power, frequency and power factor.
4. Pulse LED indicator is available to indicate the operation status of meter, and pulse output comes with optical coupling isolation.
5. The product adopts 35mm DIN-rail installation

Optional Function
1. The meter can measure and display the total forward/reverse active energy.
2. Energy-reset function: Under energy-reset mode, the display of total energy display won't be affected.

Technical Data
Rated voltage110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
Working voltage range0.8~1.2Un
Rated current5(65)A, 5(30)A, 10(40)A, 5(60)A or other as required
Rated Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Connection modeDirect type
Accuracy class Class 1
Power consumption<2W/10VA
Start current0.004Ib
Constant 800~3200 IMP/KWh
Pulse output Passive pulse, pulse width is 80+5 ms
Executive standard IEC62053-21, DL/T645-2007 or MODBUS-RTU
Working temperature-30℃~70℃
Outline dimension LXMXH90×35×60mm
Weight Approx 0.13kg

Wire connection

Outline dimension

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